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Park Farm Joinery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jenner (Contractors) Ltd, a construction company based in Folkestone, Kent.

The woodworking company has been in existence since 1958. Its objectives are to provide a high quality service to its customers, whilst achieving a sustainable profit and developing its employees.

Its customers perceive it to be a high quality manufacturer, principally working for small to medium-sized construction companies. Work on the renovation and development of old or prestigious buildings has become a regular feature, particularly in the area of East Kent. The company supplies products to its parent company, as well as supplying direct to its own clientele, working with architects and specifying authorities.

In all of its work, the management seeks to enhance the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of good quality joinery products, which are delivered on time to specification, and in which long-established clients are valued.

The Quality Assurance policy of the company is to provide customers with products and service in accordance with their technical and commercial requirements and in accordance with relevant industry standards and practices. Specifically this means:

  • Working to build a relationship of trust between the company and its clients in order to enhance levels of ‘repeat’ business.
  • Recording their requirements accurately and providing quotations promptly.
  • Manufacturing to quality standards to meet their expectations fully.
  • Making best efforts to meet customers’ delivery requirements.
  • Dealing quickly with any customer concerns over service standards or product quality.
  • Continuously improving the service we offer our customers.

In order to achieve these objectives the company maintains and operates a Quality Management System in accordance with this Manual.

All employees understand the importance of maintaining high levels of performance and work within the procedures laid down by this Quality System in order to ensure that an efficient and effective service is provided.

The Quality Management System is designed to comply with International Quality Standard ISO9001:2015 for joinery manufacture. The responsibility for the implementation, operation and control of the Quality Management System is held by the Joinery Manager, who fulfils the role of ‘management representative’ and reports directly to Park Farm Joinery’s MD who in turn reports to the main board of the parent company.

D. J. Kedwell

Managing Director


Quality Policy Statement